Carl Fredrik Valdemar Hellberg
AA Dip. (hons) ARB/RIBA II 

This is the Academic Archive of C. Fredrik V. Hellberg featuring projects done at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London between 2007 and 2011.
In 2013 C. Fredrik V. Hellberg together with Lara Lesmes founded design and research practice Space Popular  currently based in London. 


2014.06.31 London
# Video installation "The Visceral Intricacy of Magister Ludis Archetypes" 
was exhibited at StoWerkstatt in London during Clearkenwell Design Week. The exhibition: Re.presence: How to See Architecture at Sto Werkstatt was curated by:  Amy Croft, and Adam Nathaniel Furman

2014.01.31 Bangkok
# SPACE POPULAR launched /// Multidisciplinary architecture firm initiated by Lara Lesmes and C. Fredrik V. Hellberg. 

Space Popular (or SPOP) is finally launched! Lara & Fredrik work from "The House of SPOP" in Bangkok Thailand. Please visit www.spacepopular,com for more details. You can also visit our facebook page or follow us on Twitter. 

2013.05.09 Bangkok
# THE FUNAMBULIST PAPERS /// Volume 1 Is Now Published by Punctum Books

The Funambulist Papers Volume 1 that gathers thirty four essays of the first series of guest writer essays (plus an essay by Bryan Finoki) is now published, like for the Funambulist Pamphlets, by Punctum Books in association with the Center for Transformative Media at Parsons The New School for Design. 

2013.05.09 Bangkok
Stone Pilgrims 14 May - 30 May

Stone Pilgrims is a research trip across some of the greatest historical constructions of Spain. The aim of the trip is to gain cultural knowledge and understanding of ancient structural systems, specially those concerning large scale stone constructions, spanning from the architectural legacy of the Roman Empire to Baroque Cathedrals.

Lara Lesmes and Valdemar Hellberg

2013.04.03 Bangkok
Visceral Intricacy II 2013 Speaking to Architecture

by: Top Tachapol Tanaboonchai

Work by 2013 members of Visceral Intricacy is available at The Students are exploring Architecture as Performance though the creation of sacred spaces in Hong Kong's complex urban three dimensionality.

2013.02.14 Bangkok
Honourable Mention in Competition with Lara Lesmes

Results have recently been unveiled in the international design ideas competition LIVE·MAKE Industrial Arts Center Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in partnership with the Over-the-Rhine Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation had launched this competition as a call for architectural proposals of a membership-based facility that will feature private residences, maker-in-residence studios, light industrial studios, and a community workshop that will help shape a new economic opportunity for the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. The proposed facility will offer access to a variety of ind
ustrial machines and tools for use by artists, designers, engineers or any other constituent to aid in the production of goods and crafts.

"expressed how computer technology is creating thinner, more open structures whose pieces are evidence of connection. The scheme’s space frame floated over the gritty scene below it. "

2013.01.08 Bangkok
Starts at INDA Chulalongkorn University Bangkok 2013.01.10

Visceral Intricacy II
Architecture as Performance
Experience Driven Architecture of New Urban Sacred Places

Carl Fredrik Valdemar Hellberg

After a successful studio exploring the potential and future of experiential mega malls in Dubai, Visceral Intricacy II continues the pursuit for new experientially driven design methods, but this time with new urban sacred spaces dedicated to the world religions. The studio will explore the possibilities of architecture as performance (not architecture of performance) by pushing the boundaries for human - architecture interaction. The challenge for the members of the studio this term will be how to bring architecture to life to a level where it can expand communication and exchange between architecture and its inhabitants to unknown levels. We will create intelligent and active structures that perform and acts according to its own “experience” and responds to the human activity inside, a form of communication bond between the architecture and its occupants. We will explore the possibilities of a transformable architecture as the means for this strange communication and analyse existing examples of kinetic and movable structures.

International Program in Design + Architecture | Room 409, Architecture Building. Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Phyathai Road, Bangkok 10330 THAILAND |

2012.12.05 Bangkok
Visceral Intricacy done for the term

The students final projects can be seen here

Visceral Intricacy begins again with a new fresh brief in Januari 2013
Amazing discoveries, amazing people, beautiful projects. Thanks all members of Visceral Intricacy for the love and energy. CFVH 

2012.11.23 Bangkok
Visceral Intricacy Final Review Part I

Held on the 23rd of November with guests Jack Pitupong Chaowakul of Supermachine Studio and Keith Yates of Yates + Partners. 

2012.08.18 bangkok
Visceral Intricacy has begun 
CFVH will be teaching a 4th Year studio at INDA, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok called Visceral Intricacy. Experience Driven Architecture of 
New Underground Shopping Malls. Final Review December 2012

Final list of students from Chulalongkorn University Bangkok

PRANG Lapassanan Buranapatpakorn
TANGMO Nalinnipha Yala
JEEN Phittawat  Chittapraneerat
JANNY Pimchanok  Kimsawat
BOMB Thanawat  Phituksithkasem
KIK Nattakan  Thiamkeerakul
BOMBAY Chinnapat  Wattanasombat
MEW Jirachaya  Kerdpanya
ICE Supavit Kerivananukul
TAT Kittitat  Jiranapapan
PLUG Pisut Phumchaosuan
KLA Phakthana Preedawiphat
PON Bunyawat  Thannipha
JAY Verasu Saetae
BUNG  Nichakamol Horungruang
NOTT Nott Varis
JOM Chakkraphob Sermphasit
KAM Onchanok Nawapruek
BOSS Nitiwath Thipakkarayod
K Chayothorn Songtirapunya
SAAN  Wish Vitayathanagorn
CHACHA Chanya Niyomsith
NAT Nathakit Sae-Tan
One month to go from today.

2012.04.01 bangkok
OCTET TRUSS at the TIEE Bangkok for INDA

Photo:  Samascha Samcharoen

The research continues. Fredrik Hellberg & Lara Lesmes installed this structure at the Paragon during the Thai-international-education-exo with the help of first and second year students from INDA. More soon. theCFVH

27thMay-9th June Fredrik Hellberg and Lara Lesmes will be in Macau China with 16 students from Chulalongkorn University Bangkok.

The research studio aims to study, explore and analyse the internal fantasy
landscapes of the largest and most ambitious entertainment spaces in the world.
The Casino’s and entertainment complexes of Macau, China.

27thMay-9th June

Like cities, these single, endless, seamless and sealed buildings grows at ever
increasing speed, reaching beyond our comprehension. Limitless, disorienting,
glittering, desirable, revolting, impossible to ignore, yet impossible to understand,
they are indisputably a new species of building, nameless and wild. These spaces
and buildings are a new frontier in architecture, and we will be its explorers.

2011.09.30 futuregiraffes
President’s Medals//Epic Fail No.1 OR a speculative research in the middle of nowhere
Satire on The Second Community
"Anyway, just after revealing to you both Part 1 & 2 President’s Medals Winners we have a series of projects which have caught our attention. Today we will be sharing with you a continuation of Carl Fredrik Valdemar Hellberg’s work coming straight from the AA in London.
For the F.G team this was an opportunity to initiate a speculative research concerning projects in the middle of nowhere. Big up to mi boi Valdemar and our hommies down the AA and RIBA.

2011.09.30 RIBA. London
The RIBA President's Medals Student Awards 2011 Nomination.

2011.09.21 Bangkok
INDA lecture Series Fall 2011
Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg will start this terms lecture series at INDA, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. XXL 3D printing. Ongoing research by Lara Lesmes into large scale 3D printing.

2011.08.31 dpr-barcelona
Konrad Wachsmann vu par Fredrik Hellberg

Fredrik Hellberg, author of Manhattan Oneirocritica, an speculative project that we published here before, has been highlighted with his project The Second Community as one of the best student projects 2011 by BluePrint Magazine.

2011.07.18 Blue Print Magazine
Best of the Student Shows 2011
This year the Blueprint team and a panel of 14 critics travelled to student degree shows across Great Britain and Europe. After viewing hundreds of presentations from a diverse range of disciplines, here we have compiled their findings, bringing you some of this year’s best work from the designers and architects of the future.

2011.07.18 The Funambulist
# GUEST WRITERS ESSAYS 04 /// Thoughts on Meta-Virtual Solipsism by Fredrik Hellberg

The fourth chapter of the Guest Writers Essays series is written by Fredrik Hellberg whose amazing projects at the Architectural Association have been published twice here (and one more soon to come). His Manhattan Oneirocritica was bringing to life all the glorious monuments (Gaudi, Rudolph, Superstudio etc.) that have been designed for New York yet have never been built, while his project for a Japanese Embassy in London was drawn directly on the kimono wore by its guardian.

His essay, in  a bit of personal way, has to do with Solipsism, this idea (if not syndrome) that only the thinker of this thoughts can be sure to exist (one could probably call that the Cogito Syndrome !). He therefore brings us in a small vertigo that question the notions of reality and dream.

The New Japanese Embassy in London. 新在英国日本国大使館 2010

New Japanese Ornaments. 2010

Drawing a Kimono. 2010

Manhattan Oneirocritica. 2007


The Althing Hotel. London. 2008
In Search for Identity2004