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Carl Fredrik Valdemar Hellberg

C.Fredrik V. Hellberg (1982, Stockholm) is an architect (A.MSA) and lecturer based in Bangkok. He graduated from the Architectural Association in 2011 with honours for his project “The Second Community” exploring the future of identity tourism which was also nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal. Before Fredrik joined the AA in 2004 he studied product design at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and ran YNG, an association for young designers as a part Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) that he founded in 2002. Fredrik’s work has received awards such as the Nicolas Pozner Prize, Julia Wood Foundation Prize, Alexander Memorial Travel Fund Scholarship and the AA Scholarship Award for all his years as a student there. His work has been featured in magazines both online and in print. His fourth year project Drawing a Kimono was in 2010 on the cover of BluePrint Magazine. He has worked with Sauerbruch Hutton in Berlin, and Stephane Paumier in New Delhi and is currently third year coordinator at INDA. Chulalongkorn University Bangkok where he also runs Visceral Intricacy, a fourth year architecture studio exploring experience based design methods. Since january 2014 he also gives an eclectic lecture class on behaviour and experience design as part of INDA’s first year program. In 2013 Fredrik together with Lara Lesmes started the multidisciplinary design and research firm Space Popular. Operating from the House of SPOP in Bangkok Fredrik and Lara are involved in a wide range of projects including museums, mausoleums, virtual worlds, artificial environments, and climbing centers. Space Popular is currently working on several projects in development and construction in Thailand. 

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Carl Fredrik Valdemar Hellberg
AA School Undergraduate 2005 - 2011, RIBA part I & II 

- September 2010 to July 2011 

Architectural Association school of Architecture, London. UK 
Completed 5th year of the Diploma Program. 
Unit:              Diploma 5.    "(Re)public: Third Natures"
Project:        THE SECOND COMMUNITY. Identity Tourism. California City 
Tutors:         Efren Garcia Grinda + Cristina Diaz Moreno. 
Awards:     - AA Scholarship Award. 2/3 of fees 
                        - AA Diploma with Honours 
                        - RIBA Part 2 High Pass 

- September 2009 to July 2010 

Architectural Association school of Architecture, London. UK 
Completed 4th Year of the Diploma Program, 
Unit:                Diploma 13.     "The Reformed Grammar of Ornament"
Project:          NATURALLY ARTIFICIAL, Japanese Embassy London 
Tutors:           Oliver Domeisen + Tristan Simmonds 
Awards:         - Nicolas Pozner Prize for the Best Single Drawing of the Year. 
                             - AA Scholarship Award. 2/3 of fees 

- September 2007 to July 2009 

Architectural Association school of Architecture, London. UK 
Completed 3rd Year of the Intermediate Program, 
Unit:        Intermediate 5."Trailer/Settings/Architecture_25 Frames" 
Project:      THE ALTHING HOTEL 
Tutor:         Peter W Ferretto + Stefano Rabolli Pansera 
Awards:     - Alexander Memorial Travel Fund Scholarship 
                        - Technical Studies High Pass. 
                        - RIBA Part 1 
                        - AA Scholarship Award. 2/3 of fees 

- September 2006 to July 2007 
Architectural Association school of Architecture, London. UK 
Completed 2rd Year of the Intermediate Program,
Unit:             Intermediate 6. "New Big Buildings" 
Tutor:             Alistair Gill + Veronika Schmid 
Awards:    - AA Scholarship Award. 2/3 of fees 

- September 2005 to July 2006 
Architectural Association school of Architecture, London. UK 
Completed 1rd Year Undergraduate Program, "First Year Studio" 
Tutor:         Valentin Bontjes van Beek + David Greene + Alex Haw + Nicholas                                     Puckett + Nathalie Rozencwajg + Martina Schäfer 
Awards:     - AA Scholarship Award. 2/3 of fees 

- September 2004 to July 2005 - 
Architectural Association school of Architecture, London. UK 
Completed Foundation course, "Lost and Found in Translation " 
Tutor:         Theo Lorenz + Saskia Lewis + Miraj Ahmed 
Awards:     Julia Wood Foundation Prize 

- September 2003 to June 2004 
Beckman’s School of Design, Stockholm, Sweden 
Part time course. Interior design 
Tutor:         Anna Kraitz 


- August 2011 (present) 

Chulalongkorn University. INDA (International Program in Design Architecture) Bangkok. Thailand. Instructor 1st and 2nd year studio and Researcher. 

- December 2007 

Architectural Association. London. UK 
3D Fabrication Technician AA First Year Studio 


- September 2011, RIBA 

Nomination for RIBA Silver Medal 

- June 2011, AAschool 

AA Diploma Honours 

- July 2010, AAschool 

Nicolas Pozner Prize for the Best Single Drawing of the Year. 

-July 2008, AAschool 

Alexander Memorial Travel Fund Scholarship (Architectural Association) 

-July 2005 - 2011, AAschool 

AA SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. 2/3 of fee for 5 years of studying. 

-September 2005, AAschool 

Julia Wood Foundation Prize (Architectural Association) 


- December 2014 (present) 
Space Popular ltd. Co-founder and director. 

- August 2011 (present) 
Chulalongkorn University. INDA (International Program in Design Architecture) Bangkok. Thailand.  Instructor 1st and 2nd year studio and Researcher. 

- March 2011 - ongoing 

Collaboration with Dinitech (Partnership with Lara Lesmes). 
Design development and technical refinement of large scale 3D printed artificial stone.

- March to July 2009 

Project Manager / Intern 
Stephane Paumier Architect, New Delhi, India 
+91 98 100 61 716 (Stephane Paumier) 

- September 2008 to March 2009 

Intern in Competition teams 
Sauerbruch Hutton Architects, Berlin, Germany 
+49 30 397 821 -13 (David Wegener) 

- 2006 to 2009 

Designer, Project Manager 
Summer house extension. Ornö, Haninge, Sweden. With Helena Westerlind (AAdip RIBA II) 

- November 2009 

Designer, Project Manager 
Interior design for London Recording Studios. Tower Hamlets, London, England 
+44 78 33 12 37 94 (Martin Skarendhal) 

- 2003 - 2004 

Founder and director 
YNG. Community for young designers. The Swedish Society for Crafts and Design, 
Stockholm, Sweden 
+46 (0)8 463 31 30 (Christine Carendi) 

- 2002-2004 

The Swedish Society for Crafts and Design. Part time/full –time tour guide, producer of Exhibitions and Publications 
+46 (0)8 463 31 30 (Christine Carendi) 


- 2006 – 2010 

   Producer. AAIR, Architectural Association Independent Radio. 

- 2006 – 2009 

Editor. AArchitecture. Architectural Association quarterly release Magazine, 

- 2005 – 2006 

Chairman. Student Forum Architectural Association 


- September 2010 

BLUE PRINT MAGAZINE," Best Student Projects in Britain" Graham Modlen 
Cover and Article 

- June 2009 

CASA DA ABITARE CHINA, "Talent Show, Architecture – Haute Couture" Lena Rune 

- August 2007 

ARKITEKTEN, “Alla Styr på AA” ("Everyone is in Charge at the AA") Nina Gunne 

- 2005/2006/2007/2009/2010 

AA Projects Review Catalogue 


- September 2011 

DPR - BARCELONA, Konrad Wachsmann vu par Fredrik Hellberg 

- September 2011 

THE FUNAMBULIST # STUDENTS /// The Second Community: Identity Tourism California City. 

- April 2011 

THE FUNAMBULIST, # STUDENTS /// Drawing a Kimono 新在英国日本国大使館 by Fredrik 

- December 2010 

THE FUNAMBULIST, # STUDENTS /// Manhattan Oneirocritica by Fredrik 

- November 2009 

ARQSHOW, La Ciudad que nunca fue, parte II. – Fredrik Hellberg 

- October 2009 

DPR - BARCELONA, Manhattan Oneirocritica | Fredrik Hellberg, 


- April 2011, Future Laboratories HQ, London. 

Permanent installation. (In collaboration with Sam Spenser and Lara Lesmes) 

-Summer 2010. Takenaka Corporation HQ, Japan 

AA student work show. 

- April 2010, AAschool London 

Bookable Space, organized by Natasha Sandmeier, 

- September 2005, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM), Architectural Triennial, 

Lost and Found in Translation, Exhibiting final foundation project; String Space. 


-September 2011, Chulalongkorn University. Bangkok 

XXL 3D Printing. The New Masonary 
Lecture by Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg 

-April 2007, Columbia University NYC, 

Symposium/Workshop 3 weeks, (Presenting work for and with Agent Code, MA, Ed Keller) AA INTER 6 

April 2007, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

Symposium. (Presenting Work)AA INTER 6 

July 2006, Capri, Italy, 

Radio Anacapri, Sonic Map project on the island of Capri. Collaboration between AAIR and Diego Cortez