The Home Manifesto Project
2nd Year Studio. Spring Semester 2012
INDA. International Program in Design and Architecture,
Faculty of Architecture 
Chulalongkorn University. Bangkok
Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg 

This semester will be dedicated to the topic of Home. We all live in fairly orthogonal hollow volumes that we tend to call houses. We all eat, sleep, groom and watch TV there quite regularly. We also fill them with possessions that are rather important for us. And usually we share those premises with emotionally and/or blood related people that we could consider family. But is that house your Home? What does make Home for you? What does it mean to have, or not to have a Home? Where do you feel at Home? (are you Homeless?)


One hour long experiment/assignment in studio with the aim to make a home for yourself with the means and materials available.

150 word illustrated manifesto declaring your individual thoughts on the subject of home. This will guide your work and your chooses in the coming elements of project.

2.INSTANCE February 3-21
Study an “instance” (case study): building, house, construction, structure, place, situation, person, family, state of mind etc, relevant to your manifesto. The instance should have clear spatial qualities and there should be available research material enough to feed 2.5 weeks of work. The research will result in a rich collection of drawings concerning issues such as   space, size, dimensions, materials, structure, sound, light, circulation, massing, energy, temporal aspects, social conditions, natural conditions, climate, anthropological conditions, historical aspects etc.

3. EXPERIMENT February 24 - March 6
As a hybridisation and conclusion of parts 1 and 2 you will produce a series of material and formal experiments expressing the ideas to carry forward onto the design project. Your aim should be to emphasize the spatial characteristics of the manifesto and to open for the possibility of 3D sketching as a way to test ideas. You will after the two weeks of experiments have a substantial amount of models to lead you into the design project.  

4.PARAMETERS  March 9 - May 1st.
At this point you will have a clear vision and an individual stand on the subject of home. In order to now form your project  you will need parameters. Please see the 13 parameters bellow that will help you construct your project.  Each Ajarn will provide two parameters. A specific site and a specific typology for instance, or a target and an emotional condition. Requirements: full documentation of the projects: drawings, models, diagrams, images, etc.

5. RE-MANIFEST May 4th- May 15th.
After the final pinup of the design project you will have 2.5 weeks to finalize you home manifesto. You will at this point re-evaluate the illustrated manifesto, the instance, (case study) experiments and design project and re-write your manifesto. The design project and the case study as well as the model experiments will serve as the illustration for your enlightened manifesto. The wide time-frame allowed for the shaping of the final review should result on creative and hyper-relevant presentations that will touch the boundaries of performance and that, by themselves will express the term-long reflections on Home. An academic Gesamtkunstwerk!

Customized brief – . Fredrik Hellberg-

Site: 5th floor, back of Siam Paragon (the never realized Opera)

In addition to its already loaded amount of programs the ambitious project, the Siam Paragon was to contain an opera hall. The reasons why it never happened remain unclear. The site for the planned opera hall if studied in isolation, is a completely new kind of site. On the 5th floor of a shopping complex, behind a convention center and above offices and a shop for “Exotique Thai” products.
After the opera hall plan fell, the site/area remained empty for many years. The plan is now to open a branch of the internationally successful theme park, KidZania. The project has been delayed a number of times but is set to open this year.

For the purpose of this studio project, the students considered the site, still empty. They designed an alternative to both the opera hall, and the theme park. Addressing, utilizing and deploying their ideas from both the manifesto, the case study and the experiments. They were free to do what you wanted with the site, but they had to address things like, access, integration, service and technology, structure, experience, consumer/user etc.

Client Condition: The Mall Group

The Mall Group is the owner and the creator of Siam Paragon. It is one of Thailand’s largest Mall operators. They are also the decision makers that make things like opera halls, or theme parks happen, or not happen. The students analyzed The Mall Group to learn how their needs can be full filled . Or how they could be convinced to create something they did not think they needed.

Lapassanan Buranapatpakorn 
- Siam Simulations - 
Hotel complex for the clients of the Mall Group, owner of the Paragon. The project is a fantastical and nostalgic crossbreed of Rama V Thailand and a modern Shopping complex complete with river and "authentic" teak architecture. For the purpose of stimulating investment related to the Mall Group empire.     

Thippapha Gaywee
- The CubicBank- 
A vault for physical, spatial and behavioral secrets. May it be a house, a collection or an activity. Several entrances ensures that the clients identity does not get know by others. The vault finds its client at the entrance of choice using an advanced shuffling system.     

Supavich Amornkul
The border between order and chaos in urban environments dictates our lives. It is possibly the most prominent of emotional condition of the life in the city. The border calms us, and upsets us, defines our home.  The customers of the Paragon enter from the busy chaotic streets of Bangkok through the new portal of order before entering the Paragon. Resetting their perception though the deafening exposure of calmness and order.   

Thanaphat Chullawut
Music as a collective experience forms strong bonds between people. One could even say that music cultures forms homes. The project uses the perceptive phenomenon of synesthesia to create a radical new way of experiencing music collectively through a animated floor and ceiling using hydraulic pistons .   

Thanawat Phituksithkasem
 - Urban X -
Being part of a community is what defines home in most cultures. The communities surrounding the Paragon are under threat as new developments claims the land. The Urban X project proposes a relocation for the communities and there buildings lifted from the ground. The communities and the buildings such as shop houses and cinemas are hybridized to preserve the fragile communities.     

Ratha Techasopapan
- Royal Health Care -
Royal Health Care is a new residence for His Royal Highness King of Thailand which is also opened for the customer inside Siam Paragon to visit him in a certain limit. The project explore the fine line between private and public and aspire to make the filters invisible in the projects many layers.   

Apisub Phupha
- Siam Street -
Nostalgia as a psychological phenomenon both drives people mad and offers comfort. The project explores nostalgia as a national and community issue by creating an archive of architectural elements from temple architecture from across Thailand and displays them in the form of a spatial experience for visitors.    

Patlapa Davivongsa
 - Adult entertainment center. UP - 
Regardless of the nature of the activities, the experience of adult entertainment centers is strong both for the customer and the employee. The project explores the sublime gradient from the cold and hard reality of choosing a partner, to the softness of physical contact with another human being using spatial and atmospheric elements. The ultimate state of home.  

Samascha Samcharoen
- Banality Banisher - 
Siam Paragon is considered by most to be a the ultimate leisure destination of Bangkok. On the contrary, the workers of the Paragon perceive it as ultimate banality. The project aims to create an ephemeral space that can serve as the psychological and physical opposite of their monotonous working paths and cure them of their banality. 

Suwanpimolkul Waranchalee
Modular Creative Center is live/work space for rent. Hosting creative field professionals such as architects, designers, and artists. Exploring the individuals capability to choose a "home" within a given framework of a large 3D grid where the occupants live and work as well as how they choose to live given the fact that others have as much freedom of choice as you.

Thanaphon Morakotwichitkarn
- Paragon Water Treatment Plant - 
In a near future Bangkok might face severe flooding conditions for large part of the year. Given this speculative scenario, the Paragon and the mall group decides to promote and embrace life in and on water by transforming a substantial amount of their retail and parking area for a purification plant and a bottling line. A personal water transportation vehicle is also launched.     

Bahnfun Chittmittrapap
- Exploratory. The 30 days living-trial - 
The project explores the importance of objects and their arrangements in the forming of a home. The immense retail area of the Paragon and its products ranging from cars to jewelry is in essence a collection of scattered and possible homes. Customers can arrange for a unit to put products and collections on trail by creating a proxy home. The products reach the space through an advanced automated system of conveyer belts, rails and vacuum tubes.